Bludotone Bludodrive 100 watts 6L6 Bluesmaster

Everyone here is familiar with Bludotone I’m sure. This amp is just back from having Brandon give it the once over, and she has a fresh tubes

and a clean bill of health. Brandon’s quote from when he plugged into her recently after 10+ years “It’s so nice and broken in”

If you’re wanting one, this is your chance to get one Brandon called “Fantastic”, and without the 18 month wait.

It’s been my main amp since 2008 - yes it’s a very early one. There’s a reason I’ve only used THIS amp on EVERY GIG for over 10 years - it smokes.

Green tolex  with wheat grill cloth, 100 watt 6L6 Bluesmaster circuit. and comes with the foot switch of course. Has a 3 way bright switch that gives
you the most beautiful glassy/chimey cleans ever when placed in the down position. OD - smooth, transparent, tight. It’s really glorious with a good
amount of gain.

Only real sign of wear is on the handle(hardware is flaking a bit), I’m sure Brandon can supply new ones for the buyer - easy enough. And a small scuff

or two that are hard to pick up in a pic. Well taken care of, NEVER abused, just used - a lot. I own other Bludo's, this one is special and going to be
sad seeing it go.

NOTE: Amp doesn’t come with the flight case it is seen sitting on. It will be packaged in the same box it was just shipped to me in from Brandon.

Open the box,  plug it in - and get ready to be blown away. You will NOT be dissatisfied.

Shipped .

Ships in the Continental US ONLY
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